About us

  1. Are you an accreditation service?

    ONBOARD BRANDS is not an accreditation service and does not offer a “seal of approval”. It is a third party / vendor management tool which uses artificial intelligence to verify information provided by those going through the verification process. It can be used to identify compliance issues as well as issues that our expert team consider a potential red flag - whether from an ethical or operational perspective - dependent on sector, geography and circumstance. In the future, we will benchmark our idea of “good” supply chain practices as a helpful resource, drawing on our decades of experience in supply chain risk and ESG.

  2. How do you verify data?

    We verify data using primary sources (published by governments, NGOs and official corporate registries), as well as secondary sources that collate primary data. Some sources we may draw on include accreditation agencies - for example to verify if someone has B Corp status or GOTS certification.

  3. If you're not an accreditation service, what are you?

    Our mission is to enable and foster transparent information sharing. Through our tool you will be able to identify compliance issues and collect impact data which shows positive progress.

  4. Why is it important to vet third parties?

    It's important to understand who you are partnering with, particularly if you are reselling their products or have customers of your own. Not knowing basic company, shareholder, employee and operational information can open up huge vulnerabilities - whether this is by engaging in “greenwashing” (repeating claims of eco-friendly practices without substantiating them) or worse, working with partners that engage in illegal activities including exploitation, child labour, corruption and money laundering. We take a holistic view of compliance, ESG and impact. Corrupt practices are often the method by which environmental and human rights abuses are enabled. Exploitation and the denial of human rights leaves those living on the front line of climate change powerless. Understanding your partners is the first step in responsible sourcing, effecting change through simple, digital innovation. Your customers will be delighted to see how you collect this data and turn it into valuable brand and product testimonies.

Retailers, FMCG, F&B and Hospitality Industry customers

  1. Who is ONBOARD BRANDS suitable for?

    ONBOARD BRANDS is a great tool for organisations that work with multiple third parties who have their own supply chains or products. Any reseller of a product, hotel group, developer or interiors firm that works with hundreds of suppliers and businesses, any multi-brand department store or marketplace in any category of product, will be responsible for checking the claims made by their brands and third parties. ONBOARD BRANDS is designed to be a proof point rather than a comprehensive supply chain auditor to use on a businesses’ own integrated supply chain. However, we welcome enquiries to see how we can help you.

  2. How can I create my account?

    Please use the contact form or email support@onboardbrands.com.

  3. How do I onboard a new partner?

    Once you have created a log-in and account area, you will see an “Invite Brands” icon on the Dashboard. This will take you to a link which you can share with prospective partners.

  4. How long does the onboarding process take?

    It will take you no more than a few hours to set yourself up as a customer and input all your preferences, documents, and final custom questionnaire settings. A brand will then be able to undergo onboarding immediately.

  5. Do you offer the tool in multiple languages?

    At the moment, the tool is only available in English. But we are working on translating it into more languages, so watch this space! We have made the language in the questionnaire extremely simple for brands with limited knowledge of English to complete or seek assistance in completing. Our compliance checks will be sensitive to transliteration spelling differences but on occasion we may not identify the right individual if the spelling is substantially different.

  6. Can the tool be used to onboard individuals?

    The tool would be suitable for individual makers of products even if they do not have a registered entity. The tool is not designed to be used to onboard individuals you are looking to hire or finance / bank. We do not conduct ID checks.

  7. What packages do you offer?

    We offer different packages depending on your requirements for the tool (specifically how many third parties you onboard monthly and which internal teams need access). Contact support@onboardbrands.com for more information. We’ll try to accommodate your needs and budgetary restrictions.

Verification Processes

  1. What sources do you use?

    We will soon be updating and sharing our full list of primary and secondary sources. They will include: Sanctions lists PEP lists Crime and international watchlists Corporate registries Minimum and living wage registers per country Geolocators using Google Places Specific sector auditors and accreditation providers, such as GOTS, Fair Trade, Good on You, Good Market.

  2. Do I need to take action once your tool identifies a red flag?

    The benefit of this system is that acting on information you receive is at your discretion, however we will always be on hand to support you in the process. Sometimes, the tool may identify a potential red flag which is not an issue (such as mistaken identity, location did match even though the system didn’t show this). Most issues can be rectified through transparent dialogue with your brands and partners. We have a chat bot to assist with this. We also have a Notes section on each brand page to note down how an issue was remediated. Sometimes, you may not be able to or wish to remediate an issue. If there is something particularly serious you wish to report, we can work with you to alert relevant authorities. Contact support@onboardbrands.com.

  3. What regulations will this tool mitigate against?

    This tool serves to collect data. The way you use this data, who you collect it on and how it relates to your own business will determine whether you are meeting local and international regulations. The compliance, KYC and AML checks we do will meet third party supply chain due diligence regulations. How you share and present the data you collect will affect your compliance with the UK CMA’s Green Claims Code and Modern Slavery Act, but will offer a high degree of proof of transparency.


  1. Can I share Impact Data on my website?

    ONBOARD BRANDS has designed a Badges section for you to collect Impact data within 5 categories from your brands. If you wish to share this data with customers and stakeholders, whether on your website or in your materials, you will be able to copy this using iFrame technology. In time, we will create a widget that automatically enables you to pull this across.


  1. How long does the sign up process take?

    There are three steps. Registration is a simple sign up form that will take no more than 1 minute. If approved by a retailer to move onto their onboarding process, you will receive a notification. The second form is a questionnaire which will take you between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Please have to hand supporting evidence such as pay slips, certifications, photos and videos, and tax documents.

  2. We may also collect from and share data with the following:

    We've built this tool for you. We know there can be issues with connectivity and that you’ll likely be using a mobile that may not be IOS. This tool has autosave, and usability offline as it is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA). You won’t lose data. Anytime you have a question, use the chatbot to speak to the retailer you wish to work with, or direct to us at support@onboardbrands.com.

  3. If I am rejected, will I get another chance?

    This is at the discretion of the retailer and will not involve ONBOARD BRANDS, unless there is a mistake that you wish for ONBOARD BRANDS to look into. In these instances, please email support@onboardbrands.com.

  4. Can I pull data in from another location where I previously answered these questions?

    Currently, we don't have this feature enabled, but you may be able to paste from another document or website if the information exists there. Our questions and those added by our customers are quite specific and you may find that you have not answered them before.

Data Protection

  1. Is my data protected?

    ONBOARD BRANDS is a cloud based software solution. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and pay for additional security to ensure that your data is as protected as possible. We do not share your data or your brands' data with anyone. Each customer and brand must complete two factor authentication to access their own dashboards and data. We are compliant with GDPR.


  1. How do I set up an account?

    Please use the contact us page or email support@onboardbrands.com.

  2. How do I change my password?

    Attempt to log-in using the icons on the top right hand side and you should be able to reset password from here. If you have any issues please email support@onboardbrands.com.

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